It is time to Renew Your Chamber Membership. and For New Comers a 25% off of Chamber Membership

Why Join Our Chamber?
  1. The Chamber empowers its members with the opportunity to offer their products and services to other Chamber members.
  2. You are not alone. The Chamber is your voice on local, county, State and Federal issues that affect your small business. With your input we protect, safeguard and further your business.
  3. The Chamber educates its members on the issues that important and impact small business owners in a straight forwardly and understandable manner.
  4. The Chamber provides informative business seminars held once a month to educate and assist Chamber members in promoting and growing their business.
  5. The Chamber works as a “watchdog” to insure the development and economic welfare of all LGBTQS small businessin the in NYC area and outside of NYC.
  6. Chamber Membership dues are an investment in your business growth and future and in turn in the economic prosperity of your community.
  7. The Chamber is always striving to make the NYC and outside of NYC a better place to live,work, play and conduct business.
  8. The Chamber promotes its members therefore, assisting them in increase their business exposure to other member as well as to our Corporate Partner.
  9. The Chamber cannot carry out its mission to promote LGBTQS Hispanic & other Culture Businesses in the in NYC and outside of NYC area, without the personal and financial support of its members.
  10. As a Chamber member you fulfill your obligation to give back to your community and a sense accomplishment and satisfaction that come from playing an important role in the future of your community.
  11. Chamber Members can participate in Diversity Programs on the Corporate, State and National level.
  12. The Chamber’s agenda is your agenda since over 95% of the Chamber members are small business owners.
  13. Chamber Members will have access various business certifications at huge discounts.
  14. Chamber Members will have access Certifications with the NYS and the NY-NJ Purchasing Council.
  15. The Chamber exists to assist you in the challenge of being a successful owner since it is very difficult and you need help along the way.
  16. The Chamber will give access to group discounts and savings from credit card processing to health coverage and more.
  17. The Chamber Membership dues facilitate the Youth Entrepreneurship Programs, such as our Internship and Scholarship programs. This empowering our future LGBTQS Hispanic & Non-Hispanic Business Owners.
  18. Your Membership increases our bargaining power and makes it possible for Chamber to work for you and all small business owners in the in NYC and outside of NYC area. And to open local LGBTQS chambers around NYC & out of NYC area.

These three forms must be fill out and mail to us with your check. Membership Application-English.pdf orMembership-Application-Spanish.pdf Get Confidentiality AgreementGet Code of Ethic DocumentMake Make check out to NYC LGBTQS Chamber of Commerce, Inc

Mail to NYC LGBTQS Chamber of Commerce, Inc – C/O Rev Carmen Hernandez

1471 Watson Ave, Suite 5E, Bronx NY 10472

For any further question please feel free to contact us at

Thank you!

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As long you renew your membership you will always get half price off. For new comers get 25% off of to join our chamber member and as long you renew your membership as well the following year you pay half price off.
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We will need all those that renew or new comers to please email us 300dpi high solution pdf file logo of your business and your link to your website for us to post it on our website.
Thank you to all those business that already renew their membership or join for the first time with us.
It’s our way of saying “thank you” for your loyal patronage.
Sincerely, Rev Carmen Hernandez